A keyword research helps you identify which keywords and keyword phrases people are using to find your product or a service. A thorough keyword research helps you come up with a whole bunch of them.Start by looking at every single page of your website (especially category and product pages) and write down every keyword and keyword phrase that an Internet surfer may use while searching for your service or a product.Having done this, it is time to look for more ideas from search engines themselves. First go to Google. Type in the first phrase from your list. Look at the results returned by Google. See what your competitors have in their site listings that may work for you as a keyword. Repeat the whole process for every single keyword on your list. Make sure you don't limit yourself just with Google. Consider doing the same process on Yahoo, Bing and Ask as those search engines may return a different set of listing that may have more interesting keyword phrases that you previously may not have considered using.For the lookout only: press release submission

Most search engines these days, along with search engine results return you a list of related searches. See if they are relevant to your site and if they are, add them to your list of keywords.Using a search engine's instant search feature also helps you get more relevant keywords. Start by typing one of your keywords into a search engine box (letter by letter, slowly) and while you do this, watch for keywords that will appear in the drop down box below your search query. Write down all keywords that are relevant to your site and are not yet on your list.Moving on. It is time to find even more keywords by using an online dictionary of synonyms. Some people use a completely different vocabulary when searching for the same thing, so using an online dictionary of synonyms helps you track down even more relevant keywords.Having found more keywords, look up "Google AdWords Keyword Tool". This tool allows you to fetch a total number of searches every single keyword generates per month (globally and locally), the level of competition (this tells you how hard it will be for you to rank for any given keyword) and it also suggests you other keyword ideas that you still may not have added to your list.

When selecting the keywords you want to target, it is best to work with long keyword phrases, also known as "long tail keywords". Although these keywords may not have high search volumes, they generally have much less competition and are more targeted. A keyword phrase that does not have much competition is much easier to rank for. A keyword that is more targeted will most likely increase your conversion rate, as well as your return on investment. Although ranking high for a general keyword term may bring your site lots of traffic, it does not yet mean that all visitors to your site will actually convert into your customers. So, the more targeted keywords you rank for, the better it is and it also saves your hosting bandwidth.

Keyword research is the foundation of your search engine optimization campaign. If you don't do this process right in the first place, then all the rest that you will be doing based on this keyword research might be completely pointless.Although keyword research is an essential part of any SEO campaign, for your site to rank higher in SERPs its design should be SE friendly and provide a great user experience. Consider using web designers from Los Angeles for your web design needs.See you more click here: Directory submission service

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